Get the System used by 16,000+ High Achievers to Land a 6-Figure Job They Love

without using outdated networking techniques, online applications or HR/Recruiters.

Find and land the most coveted roles that aren’t posted online.


Here's The Problem...


You're a high achiever and well-paid but something's missing.

Every day feels the same and you’re not moving towards your personal or professional goals.

You want change, but how? The usual routes—headhunters, HR, job boards—feel like navigating with an old map and get you into the same conversations as everyone else.

You want more. And doing what everyone else is doing (to get sub par results) doesn't align with your aspirations or personal values.

And you’re left feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

You need a new strategy. One that aligns with your strengths and the next evolution in your career. However, finding the right path can be daunting without guidance.

Enter the CreateNext Accelerator.

We offer a comprehensive system that’s been tested since 2008 with more than 16,000 clients. It’s a combination of a proven framework coaching, strategic outreach plans, and community support to help you land a 6-figure role you love.

Our program empowers you to take control, ensuring you reconnect with your passion, achieve professional satisfaction and the compensation you deserve.

Forget outdated methods. With CreateNext, you will redefine success and joy in your work.

What will you learn?


Whether you're seeking to reignite your passion for work or elevate your position, our CreateNext Career Accelerator is designed to help high achievers like you find and thrive in a job you love.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Dive into a curriculum tailored for high performers with a desire for significant change. Gain strategic insights into bypassing traditional job search hurdles, crafting impactful personal marketing messages, and mastering the art of career transformation. Our modules include real-world applications, such as enhancing your LinkedIn profile and optimizing direct outreach strategies, all aimed at building your confidence and competence in navigating today’s complex job market.

Supportive Community Network

Become part of an exclusive Community of like-minded professionals. Leverage this vibrant network to connect with industry leaders and decision-makers from top companies worldwide. This combination enhances your visibility, increases your chances of securing your dream job, and provides continuous support throughout your career transformation journey.

Coaching and Mentorship

Receive personalized coaching from experienced mentors who understand the unique challenges faced by high achievers. Our coaches have been (and hired for) the roles you’re seeking to land. Our comprehensive support includes group sessions, offering bespoke advice and strategies to help you navigate your career path, achieve your goals, and implement your learning effectively. Our high-touch approach ensures we are with you every step of the way.

Our Clients Have Landed 6-Figure Jobs They Love At...



... And Many More! 


Our Clients Get Results 

Meet Nneka, who landed a new role in government affairs with a 40 % salary increase plus bonus.


Meet Todd, who overcame 18 months of unemployment and got three offers in 34 days, accepting a role with a 20% salary increase over his last position before his layoff.

Meet Evelyn, who went from having no international marketing clients as a consultant to landing three and exceeding her compensation goals.

Meet Sharmilla, who landed her dream job at an investment bank as a JD/MBA and just recently received another promotion.

Meet Terry, who made a career pivot after 30 years into a well-funded startup with equity using our frameworks, Value Validator and Authentic Audience Accelerator.

Meet Tina, who landed her dream role at Stanford after previously being rejected just months prior and received an above market offer, leveraging our Nail The Interview and Offer Maximizer methods.

Meet Maxwell, who landed his dream role with international travel, doing so over 60 using our Endless Opportunity Generator.

Here's a note Maxwell sent to us just recently, right before he's turning 70, doing the same thing again using our methods:


Everything you need to find a 6-figure job you love in 90 days (or less).


We have a track record of success with over 16,000 clients since 2008, achieving a success rate of 80% for meeting significant career goals within 90 days. The CreateNext Accelerator presents a clear framework for finding a 6-figure job you love.

Self-Sabotage Identifier

Break the shackles of limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers that hinder your progress.

Energy Amplifier

Understand how you can leverage energy to not only show up as the highest and best version of yourself, but inspire others to support you in achieving your goals.

Your Success Cycle

Unearth the blueprint to perpetual career advancement, mastering the art of continuous growth and achievement.

Value Validator

Craft and convey your unique value proposition, ensuring you stand out and hold the attention of decision makers in this competitive job market.

Your Perfect Role

Align your passion and skills with your ideal position, accelerating you onto a fulfilling career path.

Authentic Audience Accelerator

Forge meaningful connections with key industry players, enhancing your visibility and opportunities.

Endless Opportunity Generator

Develop a sustainable pipeline of job prospects, ensuring a wealth of options at your disposal.

Nail the Interview

Master the art of the interview, showcasing your strengths, captivating potential employers and standing apart from the competition.

Offer Maximizer

Hone your negotiation skills to secure not just any offer, but the best possible one. Make sure you leave no money on the table.

MORE Than Just Coursework

The CreateNext Accelerator isn't just self-paced coursework. 

It's also a community and coaching that ensures you have the support and accountability to implement what you've learned and achieve your career goals.

Exclusive Executive Community

Join your fellow Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Suite executives to learn, network, and find the 6-figure job you love.

Expert Group Coaching

Join multiple group coaching calls each week to receive insights and actionable takeaways to get you the job you'll love.

Plus MORE Bonuses

Purchasing the CreateNext Accelerator also gains you access to...

"Selfish Career" eBook

Written by one of our co-founders, this is a step-by-step blueprint to take control of your career and start accelerating your growth.

BONUS #2: 
1-3-5 Goal Setting Training Course

We use this holistic approach to planning within our 5-figure Horizons Program. It provides you with a balanced approach of personal and professional goal setting.

14-Day Mindset Reset Course

When it comes to changing your results, the biggest lever you can pull is between your ears. This is the same methodology we use in coaching Fortune 500 execs.

BONUS #4: 
"Fear to Focus" Quickstart Course

The biggest hurdle standing between you and getting into action is fear. This course moves you past that to get major results, faster.

BONUS #5: 
Resume And Cover Letter Templates

Real examples pulled from Director, VP, and Executive clients to quickly solve for “what to write” and “how to write it.”

LinkedIn(to) Opportunity 30-Day Challenge

Learn how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to not only uncover roles and connect with decision-makers, but to amplify your earning potential.

Relationship Building Script

Learn what to say and when and how to say it with our proven templates. These are designed with the non-networker and introverts in mind.

BONUS #8: 
Interview Prep Questions

Our executive coaches have not only led thousands of interview prep sessions, but they’ve hired too. These are their best kept secrets to nailing the interview.

Career-Focused ChatGPT Prompt 

We’ve compiled the most complete collection of prompts for you to use the ever-evolving world of AI to your advantage in landing a 6-figure role you love.

Who is this for?

Not everyone is going to be the right fit for the CreateNext Accelerator.

You're a good fit for this if:


âś… You're a high achiever looking to redefine success and fall in love with your career again.

âś… You're ready to pivot your career without compromising your high standards or taking a step back.

✅ You understand that meaningful change requires commitment and active participation — you're not looking for quick fixes.

âś… You value personalized advice and are looking for a customized approach to career advancement.

âś… You're open to exploring roles that combine your skills in new ways, whether inside a company or on your own.

âś… You're committed to taking steps towards a career that not only pays well but also feels fulfilling and impactful.

âś… You are willing to engage deeply with experts and a community that supports your journey towards a six-figure role you love.

âś… You are proactive about your career progression, ready to utilize advanced strategies beyond traditional job applications.

✅ You want to ensure your next career move maximizes your income and aligns with your life’s passions and goals.

âś… You're interested in gaining lifetime access to a dynamic learning platform and a vibrant professional network.

âś… You appreciate rigorous coaching and a supportive environment that pushes you to achieve exceptional results.

âś… You believe in leveraging your existing achievements and experience to secure opportunities that seemed previously out of reach.


You're NOT a good fit for this if:


❌ You expect immediate results without personal effort or commitment.

❌ You're looking for a quick fix rather than a deep, structured career transformation.

❌ You prefer traditional job search methods over innovative, personalized strategies.

❌ You are unwilling to step outside your comfort zone and explore new career possibilities.

❌ You do not have the patience to develop and nurture a network of professional contacts.

❌ You believe that simply attending the program guarantees success, without applying the learned strategies.

❌ You are not ready to redefine success on your own terms and insist on sticking to conventional benchmarks.

❌ You’re resistant to coaching or too skeptical to participate actively in group sessions and discussions.

❌ You see networking and personal marketing as unnecessary or unimportant tasks in your career progression.

❌ You are not prepared to take proactive steps towards your career development, expecting the program to do all the work.

❌ You think that your career path should be dictated by others, rather than crafted by your own choices and actions.

What people are saying...

"[Kevin's] insight and guidance to reaching the hidden job market made a difference in finding my current work opportunity."

- David S.

"His thought process on what an objective statement was a real eye-opener. Just as a news headline is what catches the reader's attention, the objective statement should do the same and I now have a stronger sense of how to create this."

- Zach L.

"His expertise and skills set helped me greatly in my job search as well as helping me to better define and deliver my message."

- Greg C.


"The information he presented was refreshing. So much advice out there for job seekers is to market / sell yourself like you're a product, but Kevin's approach is to "skip the elevator speech and just be who you are." He gives practical advice that has helped many find new jobs."

- Rochelle D.

"I've been looking in the wrong places and, as a result, missing out on some right opportunities. With Kevin's insights, I have changed my approach."

- Jill M.

"Kevin's no-nonsense approach is as professional and informative as it is articulate and inspiring. Pushing me to go the extra mile and to implement steps that may have seemed intimidating, I feel I am well on my way to the next part of the career I deserve."

- Elli S.


" today's market, it is clear that I needed expert advice. I have always though of myself as a strong networker, but Kevin's program and his insights have made me a much stronger networker."

- Andrew W.

"Kevin showed me how to leverage the web through professional networking and branding myself to drive my search. This alone was worth what I paid for his services. The feedback I have gotten has been tremendous and resulted in several opportunities that I would not have been able to identify otherwise."

- Dan P.

"I found the information provided very helpful and informative. I found his suggestion to picture yourself in the hiring manager's position and to ask yourself what is their biggest pain to be an excellent framework for thinking about how to market yourself."

- Theresa C.


"I really didn't think that I would learn anything new and worthwhile to help my job search....but there was tons of great information (Especially using LinkedIn to find the hidden job market). It is well worth the cost!"

- Jack F.

"The information that Kevin presents is outstanding because it cuts through the “fat” and goes right to the “meat” of how to avoid commonly made mistakes in searching for jobs. He has taught me to change my approach in my job searches, resume presentation, and interview techniques."

- Raksha B.

"At first his ideas and suggestions seems so simple... but when you have really got them they are so powerful to really change your point of view and, maybe, your life."

- Angelo C.

Ready to join the CreateNext Accelerator? 

CreateNext Accelerator

$497/mo + $0 Onboarding Fee

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Onboarding Fee Waived!

  • 9 in-depth chapters
  • 30+ lessons of video training content 
  • Access to exclusive executive-only Slack community
  • 2x group coaching calls per week
  • Library of previous group coaching calls searchable by topic.
  • Bonus #1: "Selfish Career" eBook
  • Bonus #2: 1-3-5 Goal Setting Training Course
  • Bonus #3: 14-Day Mindset Reset Course
  • Bonus #4: "Fear to Focus" Quickstart Course
  • Bonus #5: Resume and Cover Letter Templates
  • Bonus #6: LinkedIn(to) Opportunity 30-Day Challenge
  • Bonus #7: Relationship Building Script Templates
  • Bonus #8: Interview Prep Questions
  • Bonus #9: Career-Focused ChatGPT Prompt Templates
  • Lifetime updates to course and bonuses
  • No long-term contracts - Cancel anytime and keep lifetime access to courses and bonuses for FREE!

The Choice

$497 / month

The CreateNext Accelerator


$5,000 to $10,000+

Other Coaching Programs

Why pay $5,000, $7,500 or even $10,000+ to get the same results? 

While other coaching programs might demand $5,000, $7,5000, or even more than $10,000 for similar tools and resources, the CreateNext Accelerator stands as a beacon of value and effectiveness.

Our model is designed to empower you to enter, achieve your objectives, and transition out at your pace, without the burden of a substantial upfront financial commitment. This approach underscores our philosophy that excellence in career coaching should be both exceptional and economically accessible.

What are your total costs to find a job with the CreateNext Accelerator? 

The Breakdown:

Total Cost of 3 Months (90 days) in the CreateNext Accelerator = $1,491*

* 80% of our clients find a job they love within 90 days (3 months) after starting and actively participating in our program.

That's only $62.13 per group coaching call.

(not counting the additional value of the course, community, and all the other added bonuses).

Therefore, with the CreateNext Accelerator, you'll pay...

40% - 85% LESS

to get


as similar career coaching programs on the market that charge between $5,000 and $10,000.


The best part? Use our program to accomplish your career goals in less than 90 days, and save even more - you can cancel your membership at anytime!

Continue your professional development and growth with the CreateNext Accelerator

As a member of our community, you lock in your subscription rate for the lifetime of your membership.

This means as long as you remain a member, you'll get access to updates, including:

  • New courses from our team and guest experts.
  • New and updated tools to help your job search.

And much more!


Hi – I’m Kevin Kermes. I help high-performing professionals find 6-figure jobs they love.

From my early days as a U.S. Army Infantry Officer to my current role at CreateNext Group, I’ve been passionate about one thing: helping you find a career you love that also rewards you well.

I specialize in building elite teams and crafting strategies that highlight your unique talents, making sure you stand out in the job market. At CreateNext, we don’t just coach; we partner with you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in your career path.

Our philosophy is simple: "you have everything you need." We're here to help you unlock your potential and achieve a fulfilling and prosperous career. Ready to love what you do? Let’s talk and make it happen together.

...but it's not just me. Here is who you get coached by...

Dana Lin

With a lifetime of experience in leadership development and growing startups, Dana helps her clients get the most out of their careers and goals without sacrificing joy and wellbeing.

Lisa Richer

Through a neurodivergent lens, Lisa helps others understand how mastering the Art of Relationship building leads to connections, collaborations and opportunities to thrive personally and professionally.

Carolina Migliaccio

As a business, branding and spiritual coach, Carolina empowers individuals to rediscover their unique path, embrace their truth, and turn it into a reality that resonates with wealth, harmony, and purpose.

Our Team Has Been Featured In...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee 

80% of our clients find a job they love within 90 days after starting and actively participating in our program.

While we don't offer refunds, the month-to-month pricing allows you to make a low-dollar commitment to check out our course, community and coaching to see if it fits your needs.

Don't think it will be a good fit?

Cancel anytime and keep lifetime access to the CreateNext Accelerator course and any bonus items you received. 

Similar, self-paced career coaching courses without coaching or communities typically cost $1,500 - $5,000. 

So even joining for one month to gain lifetime access to our courses and bonuses will pay for itself.

However, we firmly believe that if you join, start the program, and actively participate in our community and group coaching, you will find a 6-figure job you love faster and more efficiently than if you tried to go it alone.

Get the System used by 16,000+ High Achievers to Land a 6-Figure Job They Love

without using outdated networking techniques, online applications or HR/Recruiters.

Find and land the most coveted roles that aren’t posted online.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the figures provided above are for illustrative purposes only, and should not be taken as a guarantee of your potential results. It is important to understand that the average individual who purchases “how to” information does not achieve significant results. Your results will be influenced by various factors, such as your background, experience, and work ethic. Please be aware that all programs involve a degree uncertainty, as well as substantial effort and commitment. If you are unwilling to accept this, we advise against accessing our information.

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The testimonials, figures, and screenshots shown throughout are genuine and represent exceptional results achieved by some of our top clients. However, please be aware that these results are not typical and are not intended to guarantee or promise that you will achieve the same outcomes by simply enrolling in the course, community, or coaching.

It is essential to recognize that this program will require effort on your part, and you will be solely responsible for taking action to achieve the desired results.